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We make taking cruise vacations easy and affordable!

Cruises are one of the best values when it comes to taking a vacation.  Unlike land vacations, where you have to pay for hotel, meals, entertainment etc.  On a cruise, most of this is already included in the price.  Once you are onboard the cruise ship, you will have your own stateroom/cabin, meals and tons of entertainment to choose from all included in your cruise fair.  It is NOT an all-inclusive vacation as there are other things that you can do that will incur an additional charge such as specialty restaurants and adult beverages, Spa treatments and the casino.  But you can definitely enjoy a cruise with little additional expense if you really wanted to.  On average, I think you will find that you can get on a cruise for under $100 per day, so a 5-Day cruise for less than $500 per person.

What makes us different

TXBVA Travel offers a unique option where you can become a member and start saving towards your next cruise vacation!  Even at our entry member level, you could essentially have a cruise a year!!  All paid members also enjoy Members Only perks on each cruise!


So get started by becoming a FREE member.  As a free member, you can book your next vacation through one of our helpful travel agents for you, your family and friends or sign up for one of our group events.  Paid members get the added benefit of saving towards their next cruise if they choose to or join one of our group themed cruises!

Group Leaders

Are you a group leader?  Do you run meetings, workshops, trainings or other social events?  Do you offer incentives?  Click her for information on how you can work with us and offer cruises to your group and or clients!!